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UEFI RenDirSafe=1 alternative?

Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:27 am

My uefi bios does not support the rename directory function correctly, It does support create directory, copy files, delete file and directory functions.
Using UEFI RenDirSafe=1 causes some other operating difficulties.

Can you add an option to "UEFI RenDirSafe=" Create a temp directory, copy all files to the temp directory, delete the files and the original directory, recreate the original directory, copy the files back, delete the temp directory. This would accomplish the same thing as a rename, take a lot longer, temporarily use more disk space, and not be as safe, but would solve having to manage some things myself. I'd be willing to take the additional risk of an outage during this process.

Just a thought.
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