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Re: Win10 no longer bootable after Win7 Update KB4056894 (Me

Postby sigi » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:18 am

sigi wrote:

> I am hoping now that I will be able to bring up to date this rather old Win10 either
> by direct Updating or by means of the Microsoft Media Creation Tool (for this to work
> I had to restore the image because otherwise I would have had to reinstall my OEM
> intallation disc, which came with inherent license number unknown to me and which is
> based on UEFI with all their special partitions I had got rid of).

Finally it is done:

After having successfully restored my Win10 image of July 2016 and fixed all boot problems including starting Win10 Safe Mode via F8, I installed all the queued Win10 Updates and am now up to date.

It was easier than expected. I did not take any precautions whatsoever wrt partitions and safety programmes. I just ran an exe (I think it could have been the October 2018 Update, W10 Version 1809, but I cannot find it anymore on my computer to verify it) and waited. It took about 2 to 3 hours and 6 restarts, all of them into BIBM. On the last restart BIBM issued a Warning message "Invalid Head and SPT values exist in the BPB. Fix it?" (cf. Attachment). I let BIBM fix it and everything was OK.

The thread has competed successfully, all problems are solved. Thanks to all who contributed to the solution.


One final remark concerning the deadlock right away in the first posting and later on every time I used my OEM Win8 Recovery CD, which always ended up with the message "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again."

I am proposing the following theory:

My Win10 was tailored to UEFI by the manufacturer MEDION AKOYA.

I re-tailored it to BIOS with the help of this forum.

Then Win10 got lost and I started this thread. Every time I tried to let my OEM Win8 Recovery CD find the non-booting but still existing Win10, there was a BIOS-UEFI conflict (HDD locked). If that theory is true, there appears to be no easy way to unlock the HDD (or rather SSD in my case).

Can anybody confirm this theory or otherwise?
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