Free Space: how to use on any OS?

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Re: Free Space: how to use on any OS?

Postby Somchai » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:05 am

Ok, most is just working fine now!

The only problem I have now is with AMPPS. I could not run AMPPS from within the D (Data Partition) Drive, which is accessible from any installed OS now. If I copy the content to the C Drive, it just will work well in all OS'es. But that would need to have any Script for testing in the different OS'es to also copy into each of the related C Drive. It really would much easier if I could run AMPPS from within the D Data Drive.
I think I'll contact the developer of AMPPS (Softaculous) tomorrow and ask for a working solution.

It's the first time I was trying to use AMPPS from a different drive and not the C Drive.
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