How to install Win 7 for dual boot (on new PC) using BIBM?

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Re: How to install Win 7 for dual boot (on new PC) using BIB

Postby ohaya » Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:32 am

Sorry - posted this on the other thread by mistake...


Almost there...

- When I searched for the VEN code for the missing "PCI Device" in Device Driver, google came up with "Samsung NVME", so I googled that and found driver .exe over at the Samsung website. I installed that on the Win7 on the HD and the driver magically appeared and then I could see the partition on the SSD from that Win7. [BTW, I actually was looking for that NVME driver for awhile, kind of parallel to CyberSimian's info, which was correct. I don't understand why Dell does not have that driver on it's own website. Here's the link to the Samsung site I found: ... tools.html]

BTW, the Dell M7510 bios has a setting for "Enable ATTEMPT legacy boot" that I didn't notice before, and when I checked that AND the "Enable legacy boot roms", then when I got into BIBM partition work it shows the SSD as HD0!!!

SO I now have a clean Device Manager for the Win7 on HD and am using BIBM to copy the partition over to the SSD and will see if it boots.

I've now used BIBM to copy the Win7 on HD partition to the SSD and have a boot item for that and it boots fine into the "Win7 on SSD".

So now, HD0 is the SSD, and HD1 is the HD, and, in total, I have 3 boot items:

- Win10 Pro on SSD
- Win7 on SSD
- Win7 on HD (Win7 partition on HD, SWAP+Data on HD, a small partition on SSD, just to check I can see the SSD)
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