Wish to delete Dell Recovery Partition

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Wish to delete Dell Recovery Partition

Postby engineerguy3809 » Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:15 am

I have licensed copies of both BIBM and IFW/IFD.
I've used IFW for years for basic imaging but I've only used BIBM once (for partition re-sizing in a new drive).
I have a Dell Inspiron tower (Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium) with the typical Dell "Recovery" partition which is now so old it is wasting space and has grey hair.
I wish to delete the Dell Recovery partition and leave the drive in the basic "Windows" configuration.
What would be the proper steps to accomplish this using BIBM and/or IFW/IFD?
I have a back-up image saved of the original drive (saved with the MBR, OS and Dell Recovery Partition) and have restored it into another HD for "working purposes". This way, if I screw something up I can restore my image and start over again (which I have done a number of times).
I've searched forums for both BIBM and IFW as well as a few on-line video's and can't quite find the steps for what I want to do.
Any help out there?
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Re: Wish to delete Dell Recovery Partition

Postby Brian K » Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:07 pm


Can you look in Disk Management and tell us if the Dell Recovery partition is the System, Active partition? I recall Dell used to put the booting files in the Recovery partition in Win7.
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