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Re: 5 partitions booted fine, added 4 more - 5 fail and 4 ok

Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:21 pm

Well, I think I figured out some of it. I switched the BIOS over to ACHI from IRRT and all of the pre win8 partitions now boot, but of course win8 will not.

I have 10 of these laptops that I'm working on, and I'm thinking I updated the pre-win8 partitions with the BIOS set to ACHI, but then put that updated image on another system that was set to IRRT (not knowing it), didn't check the pre-win8 partitions, added win8 and now all the pre-win8 wouldn't work but win8 was fine.

That's my theory. Thx for the help. I'm considering this closed for now :-)
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