BIBM Suggestion - low priority

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BIBM Suggestion - low priority

Postby tas3086 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:15 pm

Would it be possible in the future to add a feature/option to have the boot menu items and associated hidden/selected partitions across all drives, rather than being based on hard drive numbers, to be based on EMBR and/or partition names?

My system has 6 slide in sata bay drives. Luckily the motherboard as the ability under software/programed control to power on and off some of the hard drive bays, before, during, or after POST. This unfortunately drives BIBM crazy, as the hard drive numbers change as some combination of drives may be powered on or off, inserted or not .... Likewise, inserting or removing a slide in drive, or even inserting a pen drive can cause BIBM to be misconfigured.

For example, set up a boot boot menu item as normally done today, defining all the active and inactive/hidden partitions, and them go back and blank out the HD numbers ( or a check box of some kind). Then selecting bibm menu item "windows 10" would search for and setup all hard drives partitions, as I have defined, to boot the windows10 partition wherever it exists.

Then at menu selection time, BIBM could activate or hide the system-wide partitions wherever they exist, if they exist as I have specified.

Just a low priority, nice to have wish-list suggestion.
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