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BIBM,IFL Image Restore options and Shadow Defender

Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:06 pm

I am dual-booting Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Windows 10 Technical Preview with BootIt Bare Metal 1.28a.

Is it fine to use IFL's Restore Options like Write Standard MBR Code,Restore Disk Signature,Restore First Track,Wipe Unused Sectors while restoring W7 or W10 Partition with BIBM installed to the hard drive or does it cause any problem?

Now that i have BootIt Bare Metal installed on the Hard drive,is it safe to use Shadow Defender which virtualises Track 0? :?

shadowdefender dot com

Re: BIBM,IFL Image Restore options and Shadow Defender

Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:21 am

Should be fine since it sounds like that is something similar to sandboxie which is just a windows app. If it does something to the MBR then there may be an issue. You'd have to try it.
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