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article Windows Cannot Access Volumes in an Extended Partition After Moving or Restoring the Extended Partition
article How to Remove Existing Dynamic Drives when Only Simple Volumes are In Use
article How To Work With Linux LVM Volumes On The IFL Boot Disk
article Additional Installation Notes for Windows NT
article Installation Tips for Linux
article Installation Tips for DOS
article Overview of working with partitions in Linux
article Grub Article #1 - Installation Notes and Background Information
article How Drive Letters are Assigned by Windows
article Installation of Win9x/ME Requires a Primary Partition
article How to Alter or Remove Drive Letters in Windows 2000/XP/2003
article Explanation of the PartInfo Utility
article Selecting a Hard Drive from a Windows Command Script
article Resolving Extended Partition Issues In BIBM After Installing Linux
article Error: VSS Snapshot Creation Failed
article Using VeraCrypt/TrueCrypt with TeraByte’s Imaging Programs
article Messages "Unable to Mount File System", "Unable to Read or Process the Boot File", or "File System Corrupt or not Formatted"
article BootIt BM Overview for First-time Users
article How to Install an OS to Its Own Partition
article How to Add and Configure Boot Menu Items in BootIt BM
article How to Create an Extended Partition with BootIt BM
article Why are One or More Partitions not Visible from My OS when They Should Be, or Why are They Visible from My OS when They Shouldn't Be?
article Creating Free Space for BootIt BM Installation
article What is an EMBR?
article Example: How to manipulate free space needed for a resize operation
article What Terminology is Used in BootIt BM that I Might Need to Know?
article How Does BootIt BM Handle Volume Labels?
article How to Rebuild the Boot Sector for Windows Vista and Windows 7/8.x/10

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