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BootIt Bare Metal

Problem Solving

How to Remove the EMBR from a Drive
System Hangs when SATA-AHCI Support is Enabled
Message "Unable to find BootIt in the EMBRM partition!"
USB Keyboard and/or Mouse Stop Responding when Selecting USB Drives
Unable to Boot BootIt BM from a USB Flash Drive
BootIt BM is Installed, but the System Boots Directly into an Operating System
Messages "Unable to Mount File System", "Unable to Read or Process the Boot File", or "File System Corrupt or not Formatted"
Blank screen when running BootIt BM in a VMware virtual machine
System Hangs at "Please Wait..." Screen
How to Remove ~8-MB of Free Space at the Beginning of a Hard Drive
System Beeps and Screen Becomes Corrupted, or System Hangs (During Installation or while in Partition Work)
BootIt BM Disc Won't Boot in SATA CD/DVD Drive
Message "Synchronizing in Progress..." Remains for an Extended Period of Time
System Loops on the "BootIt EMBRL 4.xx" Message
Error Message "SPT < Minimum" Appears when Booting the System
Unable to Name Primary Partitions
Screen Remains Black (No Mouse Cursor Either) When Booting from the Installation Diskette
Uninstall Option is Greyed Out
Problems using the "Next BIOS Device" Option
Unable to Create the BootIt BM Setup Media Under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista or Windows 7/8.x/10
System Freezes when Attempting to Boot from the BootIt BM Boot Menu
Unable to Install BootIt BM from a CD
Hard Drive is Not Shown in BootIt BM
Screen Graphics are Slow
Message "The Format of Drive C is Incompatible with Windows 98" During Windows Install
Slow Disk Operations in BootIt BM
Windows Cannot Access Volumes in an Extended Partition After Moving or Restoring the Extended Partition
BootIt BM Sees Only 8 GB (or Less than the Total Size) of a Hard Drive
ATA RAID is Broken on Poorly-Designed Controllers
BootIt BM CD/DVD Boots to Black Screen or Screen with Multi-colored Bands

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