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Shared Issues

Information that applies to multiple products.

Using TeraByte Boot Media on UEFI Systems
Avoiding Active Directory Tombstone Issues
Restoring to a Smaller Drive or Partition
Data Corruption, Image Stream Corrupt or Byte-for-Byte Validation Failure Message
Restoring an Existing Image Under VMware Workstation
Using VeraCrypt/TrueCrypt with TeraByte’s Imaging Programs
How to Minimize the Size of Image Backups
Troubleshooting USB Drive Connection and Performance Issues
What is the Difference between "Validate", "Validate Byte-for-Byte", and "Validate Disc"?
"Unable to write data to file" Error when Attempting to Create an Image Backup
Understanding 4K Sector Drives and WD "Advanced Formatting"
Using BitLocker with TeraByte's Imaging Programs
"There has been a signature failure" Error after Restoring an IBM or Lenovo System
Where Can I Find Version History Information for TeraByte Unlimited Products?
Error Message "An error has occurred [reading/writing] [from/to] the hard drive; ignore the errors and continue?"
Explanation of the Image for DOS/Linux/Windows "Partition List" (/L) Command Line Option
Error opening terminal when running IFL, TBIView, or OSD Tool Script from Linux Distribution
Can I Use the Images for Deployment Purposes?
Special Note for Opening ZIP Files Using Compressed Folders
Technician Use of TeraByte Unlimited Products
Restoring An Image of Linux OS To a Different Intel Firmware RAID Drive
Problems Viewing or Printing the PDF Manuals
Unable to view or access drives with IFL, TBOSDT, or Partition Work as normal user in Linux
RAID Support
WhitePaper: Automating Backups and Restores with BootIt NG and Image for DOS
Volume or File System is Unable to be Mounted
Restored exFAT Drive Shows as RAW in Windows
DVD-RW Media Must be New or Fully Blanked Before Each Use
Unable To Mount Linux Partition In BootIt BM, Image for DOS, or Image for Windows
Repeatedly Prompted to Insert Last CD/DVD Disc During Restore Operation
What is the Difference Between Image for DOS and Image for Linux?
Error 15 When Resizing an Ubuntu Linux ext2/3/4 Partition
How Do I Burn Image Files to CD/DVD After Creating to a Hard Drive Partition?
Workstation Fails to Connect/Sync to Active Directory after Restore
Partition not Resized when a "Scale" Option is Used
Incorrect Partitions Listed for a Drive
Computer Powers Down during Imaging or Copy Operation
Device Disappears on Warm Boot in BIBM/IFD or BIU/IFU

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