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General Information


Installing Windows to its Own Primary Partition
BootIt NG Overview for First-time Users
How to Use the BCD Edit Feature of BootIt NG
How to Convert an NTFS Partition to FAT/FAT32 (Windows 2000/XP)
How to Uninstall BootIt NG
How to Activate Multi-OS
How to Automatically Boot Items from the NTLDR Menu
How to Install an OS to Its Own Partition
How To Resize Linux Partitions using BootIt NG
How to Add an OS to a Multi-OS Partition
How to Edit BOOT.INI (and Other Small Text Files) with BootIt NG
Using GoBack with BootIt NG
How to Create an Image Set in BootIt NG
How to Configure a BootIt NG Boot Menu Item to Send Keystrokes
How to Add and Configure Boot Menu Items in BootIt NG
Using BootIt NG without a Mouse
How to Completely Install Win9x/ME to an Alternate Hard Drive
How to Backup Partition Information (EMBR)
Description of Files Created by BootIt NG Installation
Installing Windows 9x/ME Using the Multi-OS Feature
How to Manually Set a Partition Active
How to Create an Extended Partition with BootIt NG
How to Enable the Swap Option in BootIt NG
Difference Between a Partition "Copy" and a Partition "Image"
Description of the Configuration Information Carried Over when Upgrading from BootIt 2.x/Lite/Direct
How to Convert an Existing Windows 95/DOS Dual-Boot Configuration to a BootIt NG Multi-OS Configuration
How to Create a Hibernation (Type 0x84) Partition with BootIt NG
How to Restore an Image from CD or DVD Created with BootIt NG
How to Image All Sectors of a FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2/3, or Reiser Partition Using BootIt NG
Using SafeBoot with BootIt NG
Swap Must be Used When Booting MS Operating Systems from Alternate Hard Drives
Tips for Installing Win9x/ME to an Existing Win9x/ME Multi-OS Partition
Creating and Booting a Second Copy of Windows XP
Upgrading a Copy of Windows XP to Windows Vista
Boot Files Used by the BootIt NG Multi-OS Function on Win9x/ME
Prevent Losing Vista Restore Points when Multi-Booting with Windows XP
Adding Windows 2000 to a Windows 9x System
Example of How to Resize Partitions
How to Convert from an Existing WinNT/2K/XP Dual Boot with DOS/Win9x to a Multi-OS Configuration
How to Convert from FAT/FAT32 to FAT32/FAT
Why BootIt NG Cannot Be Installed Directly from Windows

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