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Problem Solving


Message "Unable to Obtain a Lock on Drive [n]:" when Creating or Restoring an Image
VSS IVssWriterCallback Error Occurs When Creating Backup
Error: VSS Snapshot Creation Failed
Cannot Obtain a Lock While Attempting to Image a Drive
Error Message "PHYLock failed to cache all changes" when Using Image for Windows and PHYLock
Message "Unable to start PHYLock for drive [n]: ... You may need to reduce the cache size." Appears when Attempting to Backup a Partition
Image for Windows Scheduled Task Fails to Save Backup to Network Drive
Unable to Obtain a Lock when Using PHYLock
Unable to Access Removable Drives after Installing Image for Windows when Acronis Software is Already Installed
Circular Junction Points Cause Out of Memory Error
Error Message "imagew has stopped working." Under Windows Vista or Windows 7/8.x/10
Sending Emails from Image for Windows V2 to Servers that Require SSL
SATA Hard Drive Not Appearing when Running Image for Windows under BartPE
Image for Windows V2 Reverts to Trial Mode in BartPE, UBCD4Win, or VistaPE on a Flash Drive (or other Writable Drive)
The "PHYLock is waiting..." Message Appears for an Extended Period of Time
Unable to Read from Image File During Validation or Differential Backup
Norton Deadlock Issue when Creating Backup Using PHYLock
"Failed to expand shell folder constant" Error when Installing Image for Windows
New Driver Signing uses SHA256 as Required by Microsoft
PHYLock Errors when Norton LiveUpdate Runs
Task Scheduler Error 0x80070005 on Windows Server 2008
Mapped Network Drives don't Show in Image for Windows
Rebooting the System after Imaging or Restoring in BartPE
Computer Doesn't Wake to Run Scheduled Backup
System Running Kaspersky AntiVirus or Kaspersky Internet Security Freezes when Image for Windows Runs
Message "Write Error or Disk Full" Displayed While Closing Disc During Imaging
PHYLock - Waiting Issue with Gigabyte's GEST Service
Image for Windows Can't Find Hard Drives
"Delayed Write Failed" Error Saving to USB Drive
Scheduled Task Created by Image for Windows Fails to Run on Windows 10
Using VSS Crashes the Information Store Service of Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Constant High CPU Usage or Disk Activity in Windows
Unable to Manage Contents of the TeraByte_TBI_Backups Folder
Backup Fails with VSS Event 4001
Windows-Eyes does not Read Options in Settings Correctly
Error: Unable to write first track

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