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PHYLock - Waiting Issue with Gigabyte's GEST Service


PHYLock waits the entire timeout period when the service GEST Service is running.


Gigabyte's GEST Service prevents PHYLock from detecting an idle drive.


Stop the service GEST Service and imaging should be able to start normally.

The service file for Gigabyte's "Energy Saver" utility (GEST), which is included with their motherboards, can usually be found in the following location:
C:\Program Files\GIGABYTE\GEST\GSvr.exe

The service name is GEST Service.

If you don't wish to disable or stop the GEST Service, you can try enabling the use of VSS (instead of PHYLock). To do this, enable the Use VSS When Available option in Image for Windows (this doesn't require a reboot).

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