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The file, PHYLOCK.SWP, is created by Image for Windows during an imaging operation when:
  • PHYLock 2.0 is in use, and
  • The Use Disk Storage setting is enabled
Other notes on PHYLOCK.SWP:
  • Whenever Image for Windows creates PHYLOCK.SWP, it places it in the root directory of the partition being imaged.  If the partition being imaged cannot be written to for any reason, PHYLOCK.SWP will not be created at all and Image for Windows will use only RAM for PHYLock caching.

  • Any copy of PHYLOCK.SWP that was created by Image for Windows is safe to delete.  The file will be locked (i.e. impossible to delete) during the imaging operation that created it.

  • Normally, Image for Windows will automatically delete PHYLOCK.SWP.  However, the file may be left behind if the imaging process is terminated abnormally (e.g. if you forcibly terminate IMAGEW.EXE, or your system freezes or crashes for some unrelated reason during the imaging operation).

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