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Is BootIt NG Compatible with Other Disk-Partitioning Utilities?

Yes and no; the choice is yours. During installation of BootIt NG, you will be asked if you want to enable support for more than four primary partitions. If you answer No then, if you like, you can continue to use other disk partitioning utilities. If you respond Yes, on the other hand, you must only use the partition tools in BootIt NG thereafter (because no other partitioning software supports the same powerful functionality that BootIt NG offers).

This option can be changed at any time via the Limit Primaries setting in BootIt NG. If that option is enabled, you can safely use other partitioning utilities.

If you do plan on using other partitioning utilities, you may need to enable the CHS Alternative option in BootIt NG as well. When enabled, BootIt NG fills in the CHS values for partitions and volumes using an alternative method that is compatible with older third-party partitioning software. Note: When the Align 2048 option is enabled, the CHS Alternative option should be disabled.

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