TBI Notify posts No Backup warning but log shows success

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TBI Notify posts No Backup warning but log shows success

Postby merckxist » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:38 am

Since updating to Win 10 1709, TBI Notify is sending a message to Windows Notifications that a backup hasn't been done in X days. However, my daily scheduled backup has been running without error every day and the Image for Windows Summary Log confirms that is so. The IFW version is 3.09 (x64) and TBI Notify is v1.01.1. This discrepancy between the No Backup warning and the summary log was not occurring in Win 10 1703 running the same versions of IFW and TBI Notify.

[edit 11/13]I tried updating to IFW v3.12 which also installed TBI Notify v1.02.0 on 11/9, but the Win Notifications have returned. No scheduled backups have actually failed since Win 10 was installed on 10/19. The warning is not posted every day, but shows up from time to time with a different number of days being missed. The number of days missed doesn't seem to be related to the IFW upgrade since that was 4 days ago and the "days missed" said 2. The only 2-day-old event was the previous differential backup before today. My backup schedule is FDDDDDD starting each Sunday, so no differential backup has happened in 2 days, but there was a successful full backup in between.
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