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BING - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are One or More Partitions not Visible from My OS when They Should Be, or Why are They Visible from My OS when They Shouldn't Be?
Can I Install Bootit NG and Keep My Existing Partitions?
How Do I Update BootIt NG?
What are the BootIt NG System Requirements?
Is BootIt NG Compatible with Other Disk-Partitioning Utilities?
What is BootIt NG?
Why is BootIt NG so Inexpensive?
Can I use USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 (FireWireŽ) Devices with BootIt NG?
Can I Create a Partition Image Directly to a CD/DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW Drive?
Example: How to manipulate free space needed for a resize operation
Can I Use the Images for Deployment Purposes?
What is an EMBR?
Can I Restore Images on a File-by-File Basis?
Can I Slide or Resize Linux Partitions?
Can I Create a Partition Image to a File?
What Maximum File Size Should I Use When Creating an Image?
Will BootIt NG Work with My RAID or ATA66/100/etc. Controller?
Will BootIt NG Work with My Hard Drive?
Does BootIt NG Include a SID-changing Utility?
What is an Easy Way to Store My Images Offline (Other Than a CD or DVD)?
Will BootIt NG Work with My Mouse?
What is BootNow?
Does BootIt NG Work with my OS?
Does the "Data Only" Option Save Time when Copying or Sliding Partitions?
Can I Use the Special Windows 2000 or Windows XP Dynamic Drives?
What Terminology is Used in BootIt NG that I Might Need to Know?
Does BootIt NG Require DOS?
What is Shareware?
Are Quantity Price Breaks Offered for BootIt NG?
How Does BootIt NG Handle Volume Labels?
Is There a Discount to Upgrade to BootIt NG from BootIt 2.x, Lite, or Direct?

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